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Posted 10-10-2018 12:36:16 AM
Business Assignment Help On Recruitment Methods and Processes

Different Recruitment Methods:

According to Carroll, Marchington, Earnshaw and Taylor (1999), there are two types of recruitment methods such as formal recruitment methods and informal recruitment methods. Formal recruitment methods include several methods such as press advertisements, job centres and other agencies. On the other hand, informal recruitment methods include recommendations from existing staff. They described recruitment process in four steps including an assessment of whether the vacancy needs to be filled, job analysis, job description and a person specification.

In contrary to this, Anbuvelan (2005) described about different type of recruitment methods including direct methods, indirect methods, third party methods and internet recruitment. Under direct recruitment methods, manned exhibits, waiting lists, scouting and employee contacts are used. In scouting method, organizations sent their representatives to educational and training institutions. Organizational representatives exchange information with student about their business in order to clarify their doubts, influence them to apply for jobs, conduct campus interview and short list suitable candidates for further screenings.UTAS Library for assignment help

Another direct method of recruiting is to ask organizational employees to contact the public and tell them about the job vacancies. In manned exhibits method, recruiters are sent to different conventions and seminars, setting up exhibits at fairs and using mobile offices to go to the desired places (Anbuvelan 2005). In contrast to these methods, some firms also use waiting lists of candidates to select a right person for a particular post. Waiting lists include information about those candidates that have interest in their jobs and sent their personal and professional information through mail or over phone.

Robinson, et al. (2007) stated about indirect methods that organizations can use in order to recruit appropriate candidates in the workplace. There are several indirect methods such as advertisement in newspaper, journals, on the radio and television that can be used by the firm to publicize vacancies. A well designed advertisement program enables candidates to assess their suitability with the job specification by organization and also motivates them to apply for job, if the job specification suits their qualification. Indirect methods are suitable in case, when organizations want to target large number of candidates, who are also scattered geographically. western sydney university

According to Braddy (2007), described about third party methods in which organizations can use various agencies in order to recruit different personnel. Different agencies such as management consulting firm, professional societies, public employment exchanges, trade unions, temporary help societies and labour contractors are there that firms can use to recruit employees. In addition to this, friends and relation of existing staff and deputation method can also be used to recruit the suitable employees in the organization.

Postoaca (2006) stated that different countries there are also increasing popularity of online recruitment channels. This popularity will regularly increasing in coming years as several net users search for job on internet. Jobs DB.com, Prizedjobs.com and JobStreet.com are some new job sites that are developed in order to provide employment opportunity to different people and to recruit suitable employees in the business. To support this, Walker, et al. (2011) stated that internet recruitment tools help organizations to recruit diverse employees that are knowledgeable and experienced.

On the other hand, Kleynhans (2006) stated that recruitment methods are the tools and techniques that a company uses in order to attract right people to apply for job openings. He divided recruitment methods into two parts such as internal recruitment methods and external recruitment methods. Internal recruitment method includes job posting and job bidding. Job posting is a process to let employees that a job opening is available. On the other hand, job bidding is a process that allows people in the firm, who believe they have the right requirements to apply for the job. Job posting and job bidding create openness in the organization and enhance the commitment level of employees as they feel that they are valued since organizations give them first opportunity to apply for a job, before it is advertised outside the firm.

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