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  New Jersey     44     Male

Hello we are Dub Proof, welcome to our page.

Dub Proof is our philosophy on music, life, and the combination of both. We believe that music is a philosophy and a feeling, not a style or categorization. Our philosophy is deep, earthy, relaxed, thought provoking, luminous, and classy... only to be lost in the groove will you find what you're looking for... everything resonates and you can feel it in your soul, our music comes from that place.

To quote Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello "Music is the essence of life. We live for it. You may agree or not, but it's basically scientific fact. So go out of your way and dig for good music, because good music is never served to you on a platter, it's not provided. Not finding it is basically stealing from yourself."

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Official Biography:
Well to make a long story short Pat is my cousin, we were both bandless at the time and we decided to start up a funky, jazzy, dub reggae band. We got together with my friend Pearson on turn tables, myself on bass, Pat on drums and my girlfriend at the time on percussion. that was fun for a while more drum and bass then reggae. We started to post some ads on craigslist for guitar players, keys, horns, etc. basically we were looking for anyone that could play reggae and has similar taste in music as we did. We found Sean and he came out to practice and it was sweet, so Sean's in. Pearson decided that he didn't have enough time to commit to the band so he splits, my girlfriend dumps me so she's gone. Now it's just the 3 of us. We do our thing for a while and play one show at Cask 591 in Long Branch, NJ as a jazz trio for a surprise 65th birthday party for my old man. We played standards and a couple originals. We soon decided that we needed another player. Once again back to craigslist, we soon after found David on sax. He came to practice we jammed and it was good. So now Davids in. We soon start playing some shows for Bryan Berner and GED Productions as the after party band post comedy shows. this was short lived at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ. Soon after I decided to call the Saint, they gave us a gig on May 31st. 2008 this was our first official Dub Proof show introducing the band to the Asbury music scene. The people dig it so we eventually get booked by Phanphest and continue to rock The Saint. The summer rolls in and we get to play the Wave Gathering, a SXSW style festival right in Asbury Park. After this we start playing some shows in Hoboken, NJ. We go into Blue Room Studios and begin recoding "Spider Mouse" tracking drums, bass, and guitar. Dave calls me and tells me that he has meet and been chilling with Addis Pablo son of Augustus Pablo. Addis comes to our next practice and we jam and chill and it's good. Addis is in, but only for the summer months, come November he has to return to Jamaica. We play some shows up in Hoboken, NJ, The Saint, Sirena, and a show in Cambridge, MA at the Cantab Lounge courtesy of my good friend Joe Harvard (who frequently sits in with us on slide and coral sitar). We get a gig opening for Culture at The Saint. We rock it! After that we do a going away show for Addis, he's back in Jamaica now. I see Starland Ballroom is looking for local bands for a Ska show on their website, I contact them and they tell me it's full and offer up an opening slot for Badfish a Sublime Tribute band. With Addis gone we need to get some keys. Sean calls his friend Paul in and we take the gig, this is our first show of 2009, the place is sold out! 2,500 people! We play well and get a great response. Now we are currently back to the studio recording and writing new songs. That's the story. See ya at the show! -Nick
dub proof BOMB
By: dubproof
Spider Mouse
By: dubproof
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