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Posted 05-01-2019 11:39:37 AM
The world’s first biodegradable coffee capsules

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know about my morning coffees on my way to work in my reusable coffee cup and my love for coffee overall. But today, I am so excited to talk about one of my latest brand discoveries that I think you should definitely know about!

Who is Halo

Halo is the world’s first truly home compostable capsule, compatible with home Nespresso machines. They are on a mission to craft the world’s best coffees, in a way that’s best for the world. The capsules are carefully packed with some of the world’s rarest, most desirable, perfectly roasted coffees: anywhere from Brazil, Colombia, Nepal, and Kenya. So everyone can enjoy the world’s best coffees, the way they love to drink it, in a way that’s best for the world!

The problem about standard coffee capsules

Demand for coffee capsules is currently being fulfilled cheaply and en masse, at the expense of our planet. Despite some companies producing recyclable capsules, most never end up in the recycling stream. According to French newspaper Le Monde – only 10% of France’s 200 recycling facilities are able to recycle Nespresso capsules!

The majority of the world’s coffee capsules are made of plastic, aluminium, or a combination of both. Of the 13,500 capsule coffees consumes every minute, only 21% of them are recycled. This is because some coffee capsules cannot be recycled at all, while those that can are recycled via a long and tedious process. The un-recycled capsules can remain on our planet for up to 5 centuries!

As the world if becoming more aware to the environmental damage caused by plastic and aluminium use, the coffee capsule industry has responded by producing capsules that are more easily recyclable. But putting a reassuring word like ‘recyclable’ on the front of a box really is not enough and is quite misleading.

What is different about Halo

Halo was created and designed in direct response to the environmental damage caused by plastic and aluminium capsules.

Did you know that 30 billion plastic and aluminium coffee capsules end up in landfill and ocean every year? And they will remain there for up to 500 years, causing a huge environmental damage to our ecosystems. So Halo set themselves to challenge to leave a bigger impression on the world than our waste by offering the world’s best coffees, in a format that the world loves and in a way that doesn’t damage the planet! What is not to be loved about this?

The Halo coffee capsules are made of sugar cane and paper bagasse, meaning they can be disposed of in any food waste or compost bin. Once broken down, Halo capsules allow the nutrient rich coffee grounds within to become fertile soil for plants to grow. This process can take as little as four weeks! Vegan Food Blog

What is interesting is that both the capsules and all of the packaging are home compostable, and the oxygen barrier wrap (which looks a lot like plastic but it’s not) is compostable too. Win-win all over! So feel free to pop them in your food waste or compost bin, they don’t need to be taken apart at home before being processed or be broken down by specially designed machinery at waste management plants.

Furthermore, their coffees are sourced and roasted to ensure they have a low-acidity profile. This helps them to work well with non-dairy milks as it is the acidity level of coffee that causes the milk to curdle. So perfect for your morning in your oat, soya or almond lattes!

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